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Sending Artwork

Sending via FAX
Please make a mock up (drawing / rough draft) or best possible layout
and we will re-draw and send a proof before printing
Fax to 217-758-4030

Sending via EMAIL
Please attach your file to an email and include the following:

- Your Name
- Contact Info (phone, fax)
- Brief Description in Subject Line of Email 
  (EXAMPLE: train logo for  Memo Pads and Letterhead)

Click Here to send artwork now.    Send Artwork

If you need assistance please follow the simple steps below or call us at 217-758-4000 and we will walk you thru the process.

First click on the "Send Art" at the top of this page or "Send Your File" at the left of this page. An email window will pop up with the send to address ""

Next, click on your attach button and find the file that you would like to send. Now attach it to this email. Make sure your email shows that a file is attached.

Next, type in the subject line "ART for Your Products"
EXAMPLE: ART for  Flyers & Envelopes

Next, type the email. Include your Name, Phone number and Fax number if possible and any other info or comments.

Next, click send and that's it! 

Ready?    Send Artwork

Please ask for the art department for any help.