Most Files Accepted!

After 10 years, we have learned to convert the most difficult files into "Print Ready" files. To save time & money, follow these steps simple steps below or call us.

If all else fails Just Send What You Have and we'll figure it out!

All professional graphic programs for Mac & PC accepted.
(Adobe Illustrator CS3 or PDF Preferred)

Please convert fonts to outlines if possible (PDF files).

Microsoft Word, Excel and other MS Office programs accepted.

Main Programs:
Mac & PC:
Adobe Programs CS3 version
Quark 6.5
Microsoft Office 2002
(Word, Excel, Publisher etc)

About PDF's
Adobe Programs- Please convert fonts to outlines. To do this simply "Select All" (Mac=Apple "A" & PC=Control "A") Then find "Type" on top of screen in tool bar and drop down to "Create Outlines" and all highlighted text will immediately convert. You can then do a "Save AS" and add OUTLINE to your file name and save as a PDF. (filenameOUTLINED.pdf)

Microsoft Programs - it is not necessary to make a PDF, simply send the original file. If you are using any special fonts, let us know the font name. We will not print your file before your proof approval and will "font match" if necessary.